Pure Blood Tincture is designed to actively support the body in the process of its purification and its release from the waste products obtained in metabolism.

Unique in its composition and action, Pure Blood Tincture has proven itself  along the time as a powerful purifier of our blood and the whole body. A need of blood purification and cleaning of body as a whole may occur after suffering some illnesses, during serious physical activity combined with starvation, when we have a chronic constipation or our diet shows an excess of meat and fat along with insufficient water consumption. Recent scientific researches have proven the presence of many microorganisms in our blood. These seemingly insignificant pests can often be pathogenic, and the substances released from them into the blood can lead to serious poisoning and can cause many diseases. In addition, these microorganisms feed themselves with the blood nutrients intended to supply our body’s cells. If you need a powerful stimulator of cleansing processes in the body you should choose Pure Blood Tincture of VITA HERBALITY. The tincture is available in a glass bottle of 100 ml. Its composition includes herbal blend of  yarrow, cloves, walnuts, wormwood, lemon balm and bitter orange.

Intake: To be taken in the morning and in the evening at least 30 minutes before or after a meal, 1 teaspoon / 4 ml. / of the tincture dissolved in 150 ml. water.