ABOUT | V Herb


We are specialized in manufacture of certified natural herbal products /organic tinctures, capsules and tea / with proven quality. Our company is based in Bulgaria / Eastern Europe /. Bulgaria is between the three leading countries in the world, who gather, produce and export the highes quality wildgrowing and cultivated herbs. Last few years we have been actively working on Bulgarian market, where we are well positioned. We were proud to be chosen by Bulgarian Ministry of Economy to represent our country at international forums dedicated to healthy lifestyle because of the high quality of our products and their attractive vision.

True to our great desire to offer the best quality to our clients, we rely on unique author’s recipes created by our team of Phyto therapists. We use the highest quality certified raw materials from proven manufacturers and quite correct labeling in accordance to all European standards. Our products are suitable to be consumed by vegans and vegetarians. Because we believe that herbs are extranational, global treasures, we are already looking beyond the borders of our country, gladly welcoming every proposal for partnership and joint work! We are convinced that success can be achieved only together with trusted partners with whom to build fruitful long-term cooperation.

To our clients and partners, we offer another wonderful opportunity – manufacturing of natural herbal products under their own brand according to their recipe or according to a unique recipe, especially developed for them by our team. If necessary, we offer registration and legalization of products in accordance to European requirements in this area. We work both with companies based in European Union, and with partners outside its borders, which facilitates their access to the European market.

We are constantly enriching and expanding our organic product catalog, because herbs are a vast universe and offer endless possibilities for new formulas and combinations to help all who believe in the mighty healing power of Nature.