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“Vita Herbality“ is a Bulgarian brand for producing of natural herbal tinctures. We work mainly with herbs from the area of Rodophean Mountains. We highly value the quality of our products. We sincerely believe that the good health of our customers is the best guarantee for the benefit of our tinctures.

Useful information and interesting news from the world of herbs

The treatment and prevention of our health with natural herbal products is one of the most friendly and most effective methods of desolving our health problems of every kind and type. As teas, infusions, tinctures or oil extracts, herbs give us a precious and so necessary phytonutrients, without which our bodies would be helpless in their fight against diseases. We chose to create tinctures from herbs, because we believe that this is one of the most complete and easy to use forms of taking herbs as all. We, the team of “Vita Herbality“ are fully convinced that herbs have a real miraculous power, you just have to trust them and let them help you.